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How to get an iPod Nano 6th Gen working in Linux

Tweet Technically this iPod is not supported, and i did a ton of hunting aound on google before i found the following post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1611473&page=4 The fix is simple, just download the zip file, and run the installer which copies the libraries over. I have libhashab_mod_14-04-13.tar.gz mirrored so you don’t need a login on the ubuntu […]

How to make an animated gif from an video in Linux

Tweet First you will want to trip your video to the length you need, best to do this in openshot or something. More than a few seconds of video will end up being much larger gif than most will watch 🙂   # Make sure the right tools are installed apt-get install ffmpeg imagemagick gifsicle […]

New Camera – Canon EOS 650D (aka Kiss X6i) – Linux and pink ufraw fun!

Tweet I was super happy to recently upgrade to the new Canon 650D. Waited for them to arrive in the country, and the right deal before the purchase. I happily snapped pics and video all the way home, boy was i impressed. The shutter speed was almost twice the speed of my old 450D, and […]