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HDR using Linux, in bulk, via Command Line

Tweet Have been playing with HDR after going out doing some photography. Problem was that i was having to do the entire process of merging all images before i even knew if i had a viable image to do some ‘making pretty’ too. I figured, i should be able to script this, how hard can […]

Finding a Flash video in chrome – Saving files open but deleted

Tweet Flash movies are online, but sometimes i want to save some for offline usage so i can watch them later or offline (laptops) etc. Often there is no way to save/download these files, but they are not held in the tmp dir or cache as they used to be due to changes in flash. […]

Getting the RT3070 USB wifi adapter working in linux

Tweet Ralink must be one of the shittiest Linux supported network cards ever. I have a friend who’s not so good on computers, to the point where after reinstalling every¬† week for 3 weeks i suggested linux. That sure saved me a lot of long drives to fix whatever went one, i could fix it […]