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Wordcamp New Zealand – Scaling Servers

Tweet On the 22nd of April, I (Liz) was lucky enough to be able to speak on scaling WordPress and servers at the New Zealand WordCamp. The people there were great, and i ended up meeting and talking to many fascinating people about all sorts of code, servers, set ups among other things. I was […]

Sexism, TechWebCast and Brad Chasenore

Tweet Anyone who knows me, knows that i’m most definitely not a hugely vocal feminist , i’m usually the first person to say some feminists go over the top. However, when i see it blatantly, i usually will call it, and not tolerate it. One thing that does make my blood boil, is people who cross over female pornography or […]

Turning your Cell Phone into an Access Point

Tweet So i got an iPod Touch 32Gb the other day. I got sick of waiting for  a 64GB model. I had the choice of iPhone which is 16GB and nowhere near big enough, or iPod Touch which is big enough but has no GPS or Phone. Other than the wireless it has no way […]