The Book

Well I have this large flap of skin now left on my tummy – its huge.
Its gross and it hangs down like 10-15cm .

Its a bad side effect of weight loss and it will never disappear without surgery. Surgery will cost me about 10 grand. So ive decided to write a book on weight loss, both factual and my personal experience.

Once ive done that Ill sell it on Trademe repeatedly until i make enough money to cover the cost of the operation.
By the time I get to my goal weight I will be about 70-80kg lighter than i started. Thats a serious weight loss.

Anyway thats my idea – might take some time lol.

Bike the Lake

Well ive been going to the gym less and less now.
Just cycling to work and back, then the weekend before last i went in a Bike The Lake ride.
I did the 42km 1 lap challenge and came 272nd out of 500 odd in my field. It took me 1 hour 44mins.

Pics are here

Nutritional calculators

Nutritional calculators are a great way to work out how much is in food you have baked or cooked yourself 🙂

Check this one out