Waterproof camera cases – and my awesome sister!

For those that know me, know i do a little photography. I have always wanted to take it underwater, to the point of using Glad resealable bags with my cheap Fuji point n shoot camera (wouldn’t try that with my Canon 450D SLR camera!).

Yesterday i got home to a large parcel airmail. I opened it up and there was a pile of all sorts of waterproof gear from ipod pouches, waterproof earphones (now you can apparently listen to your iPod in the pool!), and a couple of waterproof camera cases all from Aquapec . It turns out it was an Xmas present from my totally awesome sister Angela

We promptly filled the bath and tested the point n shoot camera in the smaller camera bag. Results were interesting, the photos came out well but it was hard to try and get the camera sitting in the pouch in the right place as the bag was much larger than the camera. Also the lens protrudes when turned on and of course moves in and out which made life interesting. If pressure is put on the lens then it can push the lens off its rails or damage the camera. I was a little worried about this so i grabbed a toilet roll, cut it to size, then taped it onto the camera like this.

The bath isnt huge, so was a little hard to get good shots that were not ‘in your face’ too much. This is one of the resulting photos

Today we took the lot of it down to the swimming pools. We got a LOT of attention for taking so many cameras into the pool of course, but it was fun. The smaller camera is able to do video which was cool, though I havn’t watched ot downloaded from it (and wont until i can find its cable!).

I had trouble seeing through the viewfinder on the SLR a bit but that turned out to be my goggles, i switched through a few that we had including a face mask or two, and used the best snorkel gear for better underwater time. I had some trouble with floating and not sinking enough, next time I will make a point of squeezing excessive air out of the bag and using a deeper pool with a solar pool cover. The SLR waterproof case looked like this

This meant that if the lens was shorter than the tube it was baggy at the end and the resulting photos had a nice vinegette going on from it. Ill have to hold that in place in future. width wise my 72mm lens only just fit into it, i wouldnt try any larger thats for sure! Here are a few more photos I took today from in the pool.

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  1. Awesome sister here… cool pictures! It's a pity the bag was too small for Mae's camera and too big for the others. They have smaller camera bags (including one with a hard part for in front of the lens) but I didn't want to ask too many questions about their cameras in case you got suspicious or something. 🙂

  2. Its probably a good thing the bag was to big because of the lens issue. My camera fits nicely inside the bag I have bit its difficult to see the screen because of the bag is blue for some reason instead of clear! needs a bit of mucking about.
    In any case, im not keen on opening the cases until im long out of the pool and everything is dry so i can live without looking at the photos properly until afterwards. BTW the sealing edge tends to hold water, open it with that side down so the water drains onto the ground not into the camera 🙂

  3. Basically this was more of a present to the kids (assuming they like swimming) 'cause it means they get to go to the pool all the time these holidays. 😀

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