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Fundraising for All Star Cheerleading – Chocolate

Tweet For those who do not know, 3 of my children do Cheerleading. It started with one, which expensive, but fine. As soon as the others realized how awesome it was it then became rather expensive. Costs involve Term fees of over $700 for 3 children doing 2 classes each (one routine, the other tumbling […]

Quantums head Injury update

Tweet Well its been 4 days now since he had an accident and landed on his head. Some memories have come back, but most of them hes learnt. ie ‘What is a car’, ‘what is a cat’ etc. Hes extremely smart (was the highest in his class) and logical still, so learns fast which has […]

Quantums Injury/accident – the full story

Tweet Quantum says they got up and went out for a run around the field before breakfast. He got out and realized he had his slippers on, so his leader told him to sit on a chair next to the skate park whilst the others did theirs. He got cold so pulled his knees up […]