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Be careful with your Follow friday

Tweet Every friday i see lovely awesome people handing off follow friday greets on twitter to their favourite people, its amazing and awesome. However I do also see the same mistake again and again! If you prefix a message with an @username , then twitter sees this as a message TO that person, therefore this […]

Hacking Tweeterwall to Autovote

Tweet Okay you may have seen my previous post which used a shell script to just vote every 20 seconds. Very simple, but they have got wise and now put a stop to that! Tweeterwall is at http://tweeterwall.mallplace.com and is like a popularity contest. I got all my friends or people i knew into top […]

The @OfficeChair that twitters your farts!

Tweet It seems somebody REALLY wanted to invent something that twitters … everything! but without having to actually do so! Twitter is supposed to happen in that space between Flickr posts and Facebook updates, in the space when life actually happens. Well, in the space of time “when life actually happens,” life actually happens. It […]