I started!

well i started the diet – 2 weeks ago sunday (its friday today so ALMOST 2 weeks ago).
I have an exercycle i do 30 minutes in the morning, then i do another 30-60 later in the day or in the arvo. I have a gym membership and do muscle work every second day to bring on muscles which in turn will burn fat. I have to take protein shakes in the morning to help with that (they taste FOUL!) .

Im feeling 500% better, the leg i hurt about 3-4 weeeks ago in an accident is totally healed. My pants i bought only a couple months ago are now loose! ITS GREAT!

Ive discovered the secret of weight loss! There is no secret! Its all math! Calories in VS calories out! Thats it! Ill do another post with more information so you can work out the math.